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Hydro & Thermal Solutions

Hydraulic Cylinder

LKHS Engineering Private Limited is Leading Manufacturer of industrial hydraulic cylinders, vehicle       hydraulic cylinder, finisher hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic cranes cylinders, earth moving hydraulic cylinder and tipping hydraulic cylinder, Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinders etc.

Hydraulic Power Packs

We have been providing the latest technology high pressure hydraulic power packs & jacks, accessories & systems since inception. Our products are created with high precision skill and with due diligence care to fulfil the needs of the our clients. When it is a matter of customization of our products, it has always been our effort to study the end application and to get most of our products to the user, in this process, LKSH has been exposed to numerous and typical engineering applications making us produce customer satisfied and  application oriented equipment & system.


LKHS Engineering  supplies any type of high-pressure gates, such as fixed wheel gates, sliding gates,  as well as gates for ship locks etc.

Dams for hydropower plants have to meet the most stringent safety requirements. These gates are used for power intakes, bottom outlets, or river diversion works. Besides hydro-mechanical equipment for hydropower plants.

LKHS also supplies trash racks, raking machines, and cranes, as well as stoplogs and lifting beams

In line with today’s technology, the gates are operated by hydraulic hoisting systems, but            mechanical rope or chain hoists can also be provided. For operation and control of the gates.

Travelling Water Screens

Travelling Water Screens have been screening raw water intakes since it became necessary to have clean, debris-free water. Simplistic in design the basic Travelling Water Screen has not changed much in over 100 years. Except for some minor design variations, there are two basic screens in use worldwide today: Thru Flow Water Intake Screen and Dual Flow Water Intake Screen.

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