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CNC Shop

LKHS Engineering Private Limited is a state-of-the-art production CNC machining facility featuring the latest in CNC milling (3 & 4 axis milling centers) equipped with multiple pallets. Our VMC are equipped with bar feeders, live milling, High Speed spindles and full 4-axis milling capability. We are highly skilled in designing and building fixtures and production processes. We also offer wire EDM, sinker EDM and surface grinding services.

LKHS has years of experience in all aspects of production CNC machining. We routinely work with a large array of metals from brass, aluminium, stainless and hard tool steels. We specialize in Multi-axis CNC milling and Turning, including complex 3D surface machining. Very small parts, parts involving multiple setups or complex operations, difficult to fixture parts, or hard-to-machine materials are not a problem at LKHS. We can accept part files in almost any file type including solid models and drawings.

LKHS’s machine shop features the latest in modern Computer Numeric Controlled machine tools. Due to our extremely efficient use of space, labour and capital equipment, and our continuing investment in modern tooling and fixturing. Our goal is superb service and 100% customer satisfaction.

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